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NOA Energy Trade shpk started its activity in 2014 as part of NOA Holding Group. Focused on Albanian Power Market, the company set its trading desk in Tirana, relying strongly on a compact infrastructure with a trading floor fully supported by a team of specialists from scheduling, risk and back office departments. With an excellent cooperation between local and international partners, NOA Energy Trade is ready to provide best solution for the customer, by gaining access to high-end products and services designed and tailored to meet the specific needs of all categories of consumers, maximizing their profit either individually or in combination.

Through commitment and credibility, our market share in Albania has been showing impressive and rapid growth in recent years. Starting with a modest turnover of 1 million EUR in 2015, our company has achieved a persistent growth resulting in a 19.7 million EUR in 2019.


Building on the market responsiveness and performance, NOA Energy’s vision is to become a leading Albanian energy trading house with:

– an acknowledged, flexible and best practice energy trading business unit optimizing electricity sales and capitalizing on profitable trading opportunities in the SEE region;

– investigated retail business opportunities and engagement in retail business in Albania, if risk/return profile is favorable;

– consulting services in the fields of engineering and energy efficiency;

– a sound risk/return profile allowing a continuous increase in enterprise value.

Our strategies are designed to use information that is publicly available and we use fairly simple, non-controversial and transparent order types. We are a strong supporter of fair, transparent and orderly markets. We continuously invest time and resources in further optimizing our infrastructure, expanding our capable trading team, and growing the number of products we trade.


Our long-term plan is to further develop and expand the company’s activities as an integrated energy supplier, with a view to actively participate in the constantly changing environment of the energy market, be it locally or in SEE region.


We stand by our commitment to our customers, offering flexible energy solutions to domestic, commercial and industrial customers.

-Investment in Power generation assets, i.e. PV and Hydropower plants;

-Offering PPA agreements to local power producers/consumers;

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